We are so inhumans, so shallow as people. We dont think anyone else but ourself. In the neighbours farm there was a german shepherd fella, an elder male who we called Zorba. He was always barking at us when ever we passed, protecting hes owners sheep but we knew he was a softy. Well unfortunately the farmer left the farm and left Zorba tied outside the farm. The stupid person didn’t even think that Zorba was the protector of his farm. That was his sheep dog. He just let him there to die. At the second day we asked around and found out what happened. We untied Zorba from his “house” and brought him to the farm. At first he was barking us in a sad way but in 2-3 days he was greeting us with joy as he was getting his treats and cuddles. Zorba is a german sheperd cross fella about 5-6 years old. Thats how many years his owner had the farm so Zorba must been there the same time. Hes a noisy softy as he barks at us until we go near him and stroke him. He demands our attention but thats good as it shows us that he loves humans. Hes also good with other dogs and to our surprise he loves cats. He allows the cats to eat his food without protesting. We saw him once licking a kitten to clean it. But Zorba needs a home, his own home. Being tied out of the farm, as there wasnt any space to put him, is not a good solution. But unfortunately its the only solution we have as we are full with dogs. So if you can please help this guy with fostering him you will be saving him as its winter coming. Raining will start and he needs a safe place covered. Contact us at the rescues page for giving him a home and he will love you for giving him a second chance.

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